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19.5 " Tire Replacement Recent Experience

Updated: Jun 23

Hey guys I just wanted to share my recent 19.5" CarMax car hauler emergancy truck repair road call experience. What we all used to is to dismount/mount the 19.5" tires with hub side facing up and that what I was trying to do, having my set of Ken-Tool irons # 33195 specially bought for this purpose. Well, I have found out that this approach did not work with these particular rims. The rim I had to deal with was an aluminum rim made by Accuride. Turned out after turning the rim with wheel side facing up tire came off very easy, even easier than regular 22.5" tires. The installation was the reversal of removal of tire. But remember: you also have to do it with wheel side facing UP, hub side facing DOWN. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO NOTICE!!! If you will try to mount/dismount this type of tire on this particular rim with HUB SIDE facing up you will not SUCCEED!!!Below are the pictures of the tire and rim I have just talked to you guys here about.

Below is a link on Ken-Tool irons and tire installation instructions:



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