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How I work as Mobile Truck Repair Mechanic

Today I would like to tell you how I work, how this whole "mobile truck repair" stuff works. Just stick with me for a couple of minutes and you will get the idea.

Many of my clients, friends, and acquaintances are asking "Svyatoslav, how is it" Work as a mechanic, help people on the road?

These and many more similar questions made me actually wanting to write this short post.

As simple as it may sound, but it all begins with a breakdown phone call that we receive.

I will get the call from a customer who is in need of a mobile truck repair or RV/Motorhome repair. Often times the call can be from Truck Company's Dispatcher, who is "on duty" day and night. Also, some calls that we receive are coming from "third parties" Insurance Agencies and they hire us as subcontractors for the job (mainly these are tire repair/replacement calls).

I will try to gather as mush information as I can (truck's/RV's year, make and model), asking a customer what is actually broken or not functioning as it should, and their location. I also try my best to sort out (advise) to customers about the issue and make them (or at least try to) to do the repair themselves (of course, if it is something simple). Unfortunately, often times customers call us when they are really "broken down" and their rigs simply can not move to continue their journey.

After all the information was gathered and I know the location of a "stranded rig" I am promptly making my way to the customer. Because we all know how important that is to be "on time" where we had our planned, whether it is a "truck load" that have to be delivered on time. or a family going camping on a motorhome or travel trailer.

After I came to the customer I try to gather some more information about the problem or breakdown assistance that needs to be sorted out and if everything is clear I start my troubleshooting approach. I have to admit: some problems are more complicated then others and need more analysis and extensive diagnostic skills, although we at A Plus Truck Repair always use the latest software to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair our customer's trucks/RVs. Also, all of our stuff is factory and truck repair industry trained and ASE certified. Sometimes if parts are needed technician will make a several calls to find a best possible deal on a new part and proceed to the store, will come back and install it.

At the end, if you got any truck troubles on the road of Sacramento county, call me!

(916) 519-3286

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